Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dark Red-tailed Hawk near Oakwoods

Not a new species, but interesting nonetheless, I saw a very dark Red-tailed Hawk on Monday just NE of Oakwoods Nature Preserve, on TR 144 just outside Findlay, OH

This bird was first seen about 4:40PM perched at the very top of a pole. It was rather skittish for a Red-tail Hawk, and wouldn't tollerate someone out of a car. This and the overall lighting conditions made not the best shots but good enough.

I talked to Jeff, a former Hawk Watch volunteer, who in turned talked to yet another Jeff (Shultz) in Michigan who is rather excellent in hawk i.d. They both thought this was a Western Red-tailed Hawk, or some form of Western and unknown integrade.

No clear shots of the breast but it was a very thick and dark band. It appeared to simply have a whitish throat, with a bit of white near the legs.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments.

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