Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long-eared Owl

On Monday evening around 7:30 (Feb 08) I was called out to the Brugeman Lodge at Riverbend because of non-functioning outdoor lights.  As I typically do when I am called out on park duty after dark, I decided to try to call a few owls in.  I gave what arguably could have been the worst Screech-Owl call in human history, and suprisingly, a Long-eared Owl responded.  I traded a couple calls with the bird (I'm guessing male), before some fairly loud people heading to their cars interrupted us.
I have no idea why the owl reponded; I can't stress how bad my first call was.  Perhaps the bird wanted to show the interloper how a real owl calls.  I'm not complaining.
Weather has interrupted any chance at checking on this bird Tuesday evening.  If you'd like to try to find it, Riverbend Recreation Area is located immediately NNE of the Findlay Reservoirs, perhaps 2 miles east of Findlay.  This owl was calling from a pine grove located along side the county road, in between the Lodge and the reservoirs.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Springville Marsh Spring 2010 schedule

As per several requests, here is Tom Bartlett's schedule for banding birds at Springville Marsh in Seneca County this spring:
March 13 Sat
March 20 Sat
March 27 Sat
April 3  Sat
April 11  Sun
April 17  Sat
April 24  Sat
May 1  Sat
May 9  Sun
May 16 Sun
May 22 Sat
May 23 Sun
May 29 Sat
All time are subject to rain-out.  Call Tom Bartlett (419) 447-0005 if in doubt.
Nets are normally up well before sunrise and the first round to extract birds is usually at sunrise.  The best rounds are normally the first two or three.  Banding is almost always done by noon.
He sent me a .doc file containing this info, lus a few other dates/locations.  If you'd like to have the file, feel free to email me (hancockbirding@gmail.com) and I'll send it off as soon as possible.