Monday, February 16, 2009

Pergrine Falcon, Marathon Building, Findlay

Based upon a tip from Betty Hardesty, I spotted a Peregrine Falcon this afternoon around the Marathon building in downtown Findlay. Apparently this bird has been seen on-and-off my Marathon employees most of the winter. One can hope that eventually there'll be a nesting attempt. This would also explain the noticeable decline in Rock Pigeons in Findlay this winter!
I found this bird twice in the space of an hour. Once it was perched on an eighth flood window ledge on the south-facing side of the main building, and once on a pole on the far eastern side of Marathon.
Shortly after these shots, the Pergrine took off, heading SE over the YMCA and heading towards Eagle Creek. Parking in mid-day can be a bit tricky at times around the Marathon Building, but there is some public spots on Beech St between Lincoln and Hardin Streets.

And a couple of zoomed in:

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