Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tough walking; good birding Saturday.

Saturday morning found Jeff L., his friend Jeff, and myself birding at Camp Berry. Very cold, single digits to start, perhaps 10 to 15 below wind chill. We walked primarily along the Lone Scout Trail, which roughly follows SR 68. We were obviously the first people to walk this trail in a while; the snow was untouched and up to 18 inches deep. We got a workout birding!
Our primary goal was to search for crossbills, and we were largely unsuccessful. A brief listen of a couple White-winged call notes and that was it.
We had good birding otherwise. Probably 30 Pine Siskins, at least as many Cardinals. White-throat and White-crowned Sparrows were found along with several Golden-crowned Kinglets and a Yellow-rumped Warbler. Four Wild Turkeys were also seen. The "odd" bird was a Turkey Vulture seen soaring. There was a dilapidated barn near where the vulture was seen, I guess that is where it's been staying.
With luck, I hope to hit Camp Berry, west section, either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

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