Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long-eared Owl

On Monday evening around 7:30 (Feb 08) I was called out to the Brugeman Lodge at Riverbend because of non-functioning outdoor lights.  As I typically do when I am called out on park duty after dark, I decided to try to call a few owls in.  I gave what arguably could have been the worst Screech-Owl call in human history, and suprisingly, a Long-eared Owl responded.  I traded a couple calls with the bird (I'm guessing male), before some fairly loud people heading to their cars interrupted us.
I have no idea why the owl reponded; I can't stress how bad my first call was.  Perhaps the bird wanted to show the interloper how a real owl calls.  I'm not complaining.
Weather has interrupted any chance at checking on this bird Tuesday evening.  If you'd like to try to find it, Riverbend Recreation Area is located immediately NNE of the Findlay Reservoirs, perhaps 2 miles east of Findlay.  This owl was calling from a pine grove located along side the county road, in between the Lodge and the reservoirs.

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