Sunday, May 17, 2009


I saw over 24 Dunlin Saturday immediately east of Findlay Reservoir #2 Saturday. They were in a small field that had some ponding. The field is between Res #2 and the Blanchard River, just of TR208, I believe, about 200 yards south of Riverbend Recreational Area.
Betty Hardesty reported a similar sized flock on Tuesday, barely 1/4mile east of here, so there's a decent bet that these are the same birds.
I've noticed this spring a drop-off in shorebird numbers in the usuall haunts this year, namely the Findlay Reservoirs. However, several area birders have seen decent numbers in at least three wetland that were put in late last year. I could be the sandpipers are going to gravitate towards better habitat.
They might be worth checking out for people:
1) East of Findlay Res#2 just east of the Blanchard River, "Younger's Wetlands". This is private property, but one of the ponds is in plain view from the road.
2) Just north of the corner or TR89 (River Road), and SR235. Once again, private property, but easily viewable from the road with a scope. Blanchard Landings park is immediately north of here for easy parking.
3) NE of the Hancock COunty Sanitary Landfill (sorry,no road numbers, I'll check on this). These are public access, but no trails, so be careful walking.

I know there must be others, I haven't spent much time looking for them. If anyone know of others, especially in Hancock or Putnam counties, I would be gratefull for the info.

P.S. The landfill site has some great grasslands around it. I counted at least 18 Grasshopper Sparrows the last time I was there.

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