Monday, April 27, 2009

Why aren't you out birding?

This post is a few days past due; I've been either working or birding.
Firstly, I recieved a call Sunday from Ron S., who informed me that the Golden-crowned Sparrow was last seen Friday morning. Seems like it moved on.
Secondly, the first wave of migrants is here! Jeff and I hit Camp Berry Saturday and Oakwoods Nature preserve early Monday before work. Oakwoods seemed a bit more active. Rather than go through all the birds, I'll just list some of the highlights:
Thrushes: all species at Camp Berry, Swainson's v. common both places
Vireos: Blue-headed, Warbling, White-eyed (Oakwoods)
Warblers: Yellow-rumpeds, Yellow, Black-throated Green, Tennessee, Nashville, Worm-eating (in both places!), Black-and-white, Common Yellowthroat, Palm, Pine, Northern Waterthrush, Kentucky(!), and Hooded.

Also Sue Baxter emailed me to report that she had BOTH species of Tanagers. In her backyard. Not bad birding if you can get it.

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