Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pine Siskins are plentiful.

Bob here,

This witner has been amazing state-wide for two particular winter finches: White-winged Crossbills and Pine Siskins. Both have been seen in Hancock County this winter, with Pine Siskins being the most plentiful. As this winter has progressed, they are frequenting feeders more and more. Odds are, if you maintain a thistle sock or thistle feeder, you have had, or will have, Pine Siskins.

If you are familiar with American Goldfinches, you can find siskins. They are the same size as goldfinches, maybe a bit thinner looking, and they act similar. In fact, they are often seen together. Simple tell, if the breast is streaked, it's a Pine Siskin.

Personally, I've seen a couple at my thistle. My parents have had as many as 15, and Jeff L. has had several as well. All of our houses are in Findlay.

Not my pic, but shows a typical Pine Siskin at a typical location; the thistle feeder.

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